Bucuresti, RO
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Dragaica Rosie, este un proiect cultural si un brand dedicat portului traditional romanesc, costumului vechi, sustinut de CULTURE RESERVE (ONG).

Bazandu-se pe o colectie privata de costum tarditional romanesc, Dragaica Rosie reconsidera mesajele si filozofia lumii vechi  analizand costumul prin prisma mesajului vizual pe care il poarta imprima.

Proiectul Dragaica Rosie este ancorat specific in aria culturii vizuale, fiind dezvoltat de o echipa pluridisciplinara de arhitecti, etnografi, fotografi, antropologi, artisti. Finalitatea consista in expozitii si editoariale, dezvoltate in asociere cu muzee de arta contemporana, de etnografie si galerii de arta.

Piesele de studiu si cele expuse sunt piese de costum traditional romanesc, piese vechi, cu o valoare etnografica si/ sau artistica rematcabila, si cu o vechime de apx. 100 de ani. Acestea au trecut printr-un proces lung: au fost cautate prin targuri si case, achizitionate, curatate profesional, restaurate, sau le-a fost reinstaurata integritatea. Si la final au fost inventariate, cercetate, fotografiate… imortalizate.


Dragaica Rosie este un proiect fundamentat pe limbaj nemuritor al semnelor și simbolurilor, născut pe panza, cusut pe panza, purtat pe haine, văzut pe oameni … re-amintit și re-vizualizat… un limbaj cu valoare universala din tradiția românească.

Acesta nu este un site comercial. Sectiunea shop este temporara si se refera la lichidarea unor piese din colectia privata.

 Dragaica Rosie is a large-scale project that self-sustains and supports the old traditional Romanian costume collection, sustained by the CULTURE RESERVE (NGO).

With direct access to a private collection, Dragaica Rosie analysis the pieces of clothing and reconsiders the understanding of the old world by approaching the costume as a visual imprinted universe. The PROJECT DRAGAICA ROSIE is specifically anchored in the area of visual culture, being developed by a multidisciplinary team of artists, architects, ethnographic specialists, anthropologists, sociologists. The end results consists in several exhibitions and editorials, developed in association with museums, and private art galleries.

THE MAIN STUDY AND EXPOSED OBJECTS ARE 100 YEARS OLD COSTUMES OF REMARKABLE ETHNOGRAPHIC AND ARTISTIC VALUE. Traditional Romanian costumes are old pieces that have gone through a long process: they have been searched through fairs and houses, purchased, professionally cleaned, restored, or restored to their integrity. And at the end they were inventoried, researched, photographed … immortalized.

Dragaica Rosie is a project of an immortal language of signs and symbols, born on clothes, worn on clothes, sew on clothes, seen on clothes… remembered and envisioned… in Romanian tradition.

This is not a commercial site. The shop section is temporary and refers to the liquidation of some parts of the private collection.